Ethnographic Marginalia

So-called participant observation has a way of drawing the ethnographer into spaces of human life where she or he might really prefer not to go at all and once there doesn’t know how to go about getting out except through writing, which draws others there as well, making them party to the act of witnessing.

Nancy Scheper-Hughes

Ethnographic Marginalia, a website I co-founded and co-edit with Sneha Annavarapu, focuses on the research experiences that are often pushed to the margins: the trials, triumphs, and tribulations of ethnographic fieldwork. We have published work originating from more than 15 countries, including fieldwork stories, reflections on methodology, photo essays, poems, and fictional accounts. As part of the initiative, we also have a podcast, hosted by the New Books Network. In each episode we interview a different ethnographer about their fieldwork experiences.